Fentanyl Protection Kit




The Fentanyl Protection PPE Kit is designed for the safe investigation, gathering and control of hazardous drugs. Because any suspected drug may contain powerful opioids such as Fentanyl, handling of these illicit substances in any way is very dangerous. The Fentanyl Protection Kit allows you to properly handle suspected drug samples and helps you remain safe from any toxic exposure. The protection gear and disposable protective suit in the Fentanyl Protection Kit also assist you in avoiding residual drug residue that could also be exposed to your family, co-workers or the general public.

Kit Contents:

Microchem 2000 Disposable Suit*
Footed and Hooded
Microflex Lifestar™ Extended Cuff Examination Gloves
ISO Certification 9001
Tested against fentanyl
N95 Respirator
Clear Safety Glasses
*Caution: This product contains natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reactions.

Microchem 2000 Disposable Suit

XS 90-115 5’-5’3”
SM 100-125 5’-5’7”
MD 125-160 5’2”-5’7”
LG 140-200 5’5”-5’10”
XL 158-220 5’7”-6’2”
2XL 180-240 5’11”-6’4”
3XL 230-260 6’2”-6’5”
4XL 245-300 6’3”-6’7”
5XL 265-320 6’5”-6’10”

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